VCOM 1ST Brand Speech Competition 2016

26th July, 2016, VCOM held the 1st VCOM speech competition and total 40 VCOM staff attended to it. After the first knockout round, only 8 people left in the final round.
The balance of them would represent their department to win the final champion and 500RMB and VCOM brand headphone and power bank as reward.
The competitors used their 120% effect and state of mind to show to the audience and judgments. What is brand? What is VCOM? What is VCOM’s responsibility in the business? ......
During the competition, every audience listened very carefully and gave the good advice to the competitors after they finished speech.
Finally, after a fierce competition, winner was Mr Zhong from Online sales department. Second and third were from offline sales department Ms Du and Ms Pan.
Hope next year we can see more people like them to introduce the value of brand and let more people feel it. 

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