VCOM D1212 Wall Mounted Cabinet
  • VCOM D1212 Wall Mounted Cabinet
VCOM D1212 Wall Mounted Cabinet
Model: D1212
Specification: 12U, steel thickness 1.0mm, square strip thickness 1.5mm 
Size: W600*D600*H400(mm)
Usage: Loading machine, Router , Firewall, Monitoring host, server ,etc


1. The material of cabinet is aluminum profile and steel plates. With Surface treatment:
A. Aluminum profile : sand blasting
B. Steel plates : electrostatic spraying ( for anti-corrosion )
2. With advantages of environmental protection, Security , High-class appearance, different
colors option, and special curved edges.
3. Both two doors are detachable , easy installing and maintaining
Easy operation and maintaining at the back . Wall-hanging installation,
4. With mounting holds inside, Installing the layer board as u need.

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