VCOM Magical Hero Children Headphone
  • VCOM Magical Hero Children Headphone
VCOM Magical Hero Children Headphone
Model: DE803
Driver unit:  30mm
Impedance:  32Ω
Sensitivity:   85±3dB (at 1mW/1Khz)
Frequency Range:  20Hz-20KHz
Max Input Power: 30mW
Cord Length:  1.5mete
Plug Type: 3.5mm
Patent: ZL 2014 3 0051126.2

Kids Safe: environmental material
Children Hearing Protection: acoustic design
Kids Headphone Design: modular design
Headphone Surface Design: hero styling
Kids Headphone Color: red and white, light bluish white and reddish blue
kids toy

With the adoption of modular design children are able to DIY their own headsets change earlap and wear ornaments which is helpful to develop children’s intelligence when they enjoy music;

With the aim at the hearing protection of teenagers at the ages of six to twelve acoustic design that is applicable to children is adopted to limit the volume at 90 db;

The material of the whole machine is produced in accordance with product standards for children. The ear pad with low sensitivity is adopted to protect sensitive skin;

With the image of the hero that is known to children as the element it is able to meet children’s needs with the alternation of two bright colors and full colors to highlight the display and sense of movement;

The optional colors are as follows: red and white light bluish white and reddish blue.

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