FAQ about DVI,VGA Cables

1.What cables should I use for home audio devices under the environment of the current market?

HDMI 1.4V is enough for routine using and HDMI 2.OV is required for the current newly 4K.


2.What’s the English code of CCS、BC、CCA that shows on your specification?

They mean the quality and structure of cables. Copper-Clad Steel for CCS, 

Bare Copper for BC and Copper-Clad Aluminum for CCA.


3. I have bought DVI 24+5 from VCOM, but it can’t be plugged into the DVI port of my motherboard, may I know what’s the problem?

Pls make sure the port of motherboard is 24+5, if not, it definitely can’t be plugged into.


4. If I need 50M VGA cables for my engineer project, can VCOM brand 50m VGA cables work as usual?

Yes, of course.


5. Which is better for VGA cables of 3+4、3+6、3+8?

3+8 is the best, and then 3+6, and 3+4 is the last choose.


6. Why the screen was so fuzzy after the displayer connected with VGA cable?

Pls adjust the screen resolution to the best if it was short length VGA cable.

If you used long meter VGA, it is normal to have slightly fuzzy, trailing, ghost because this is the common problem of analog signal. 


7. I have bought a DVI cable and there was no image after I connected to the PC mainboard. What’s wrong?

Pls plug the DVI cable into the DVI interface of PC discrete graphics and adjust the display signal to DVI.