What is Power Delivery?

The addition of the power delivery capability to USB Type-C effectively reduces the clutter of having to carry multiple cables and adapters for power, A/V, and data transfer. This additional specification allows for a theoretical 100W max charging power, which is sufficient to charge devices larger than tablets such as laptops. Power Delivery is in its infancy but will become more widely adopted as device manufactures and connectivity providers develop the technology. Not all USB-C cables or devices are capable of supporting USB PD. Always consult the specifications for your devices to confirm support for the PD (as well as the maxium charging power).

                              Table 2-1 USB Type-C Specification Release 1.3

Mode of Operation Nominal Voltage Maximum Current
USB 2.0 5V 500 mA
USB 3.1 5V 900 mA
USB BC 1.2 5V Up to 1.5A
USB Type-C 5V 1.5A or 3A
USB PD Configurable up to 20V Configurable Up to 5A