The 4th Jiangsu Skills champion contest will be held soon

The 4th Jiangsu Skills champion contest will be held in Zhenjiang from nov 24 to 25.There are 20 items in the competition, including 10 items for the staff group and 10 items for the seedling group.VCOM Education as one of the World Skills organization members of the global industry partners, power the 44th world skills contest, in 2017 the Chinese International Skills contest, all over the country provinces and municipalities and the Chinese skills contest in 2018-45 world skills contest nationwide competition, in 2018 the national vocational colleges such as information technology skills contest "information network wiring" games tournament experience, and is unanimously recognized jiangsu skills top competition organizing committee, was invited to participate in the contest "information network wiring" games, build skills contest in the world for the contest of the standard game platform and provide technical support.

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