The Birth of Vcom Polished Fiber HDMI Cable

With the arrival of the 5G era, various types of high-definition audio and video equipment have been in rapid upgrade. As important connection between transmission equipment and receiving equipment, the choice of HDMI cable has brought more thoughts to people.

4K/8K long-distance and high-speed transmission? Higher bandwidth? More stable signal?

Facing to the wide variety of HDMI cables on the market, people are constantly comparing and weighing the pros and cons. At the same time, a kind of HDMI cable with polished process gradually came into people's view. It is named Vcom Polished Fiber HDMI Cable.

Unlike other HDMI cables, Vcom Polished Fiber HDMI Cable adopts new model and stable polished process in the industry. After the process of cutting & dispensing glue inside the optical fiber, it adds processes like polishing, cleaning(To clean the polished surface with distilled water and ultrasonic waves to ensure clean and free of impurities), and cut surface testing. All of these features Vcom Polished Fiber HDMI Cable as below.
1st. Polished process (Polished Fiber in Side) create a fiber core cut surface, with higher stability and safety.
2nd. 24K Champagne gold plating & Varnish plating, stylish appearance.
3rd. 2.0V Positive standard. Breakout up to 300 meters of lossless high-speed transmission.
4th. Support up to 4K Ultra HD Display. Support 18Gbps.
5th. Thinner, lighter and softer than conventional copper cable. Plug and play. Easy Installation.

Based on the features given by the polished process, Vcom Polished Fiber HDMI Cable is about to be the best choice for the construction of high-standard projects. Let’s expect Vcom Polished Fiber HDMI to bring more whirlwind to the HDMI cable market.

Thank you for reading.