The Reason Why You Would Probably Need A USB Hub

    You may think that USB Hub is not as commonly used as before with the increasing popularity of wireless products, but for business professionals, digital artists, editors, and even gamers, however, a USB hub is a must-have laptop gadget for them, considering the fact that their work requires more than just a laptop can provide, which means more ports are needed in order to connect to more devices, such as a second monitor, flash drive, SD cards and so on while providing power as well.


More Ports Providing More Options


With the help of a USB hub, you will be able to connect to a high-resolution monitor, it works the best for video editors and digital artists, who most of the time need a second screen to get the job done, or for business professionals or teacher, who would occasionally need to present their PPT or file to a larger audience, or even for entertainment purposes, people who want to project a movie or video game into a bigger screen to have a better experience and visual satisfaction. As you can see, a USB hub can provide you with a lot more options


A powered USB hub that charges multiple devices at once


Unlike the traditional USB hub, which draws power from your computer, the VCOM USB C hub can Not only expand the number of ports on your laptop, but it also has the ability to charge all the devices plugged in the hub with the charging speed up to 60w. 



USB 3.0 Fast data transfer


If you ever find yourself needing to transfer big files between devices frequently, this USB C hub can help you make the job easier and save you a lot more time, and time is money. VCOM USB C Hub uses USB 3.0 ports, which can transfer data up to 5g, which is 10 times faster than the regular 2.0, VCOM USB C hub also has SD cards ports installed as well.


Portable and easy to carry


While companies are trying to make their products look slick to keep up the trend of minimalist, which is also part of the reason why ports on the laptop are decreased to 2 or even just one type c port so that the size of the laptop can be designed smaller and more portable. Same as VCOM USB C Hub, with the slim body design, this USB Hub is easy to carry along with your laptop.



It is even better on a bigger screen

We had covered so many benefits of having a VCOM USB C Hub, especially for professionals, giving them to project files to another monitor or having a second screen for their editing project. but it doesn’t do just that, VCOM USB C Hub is also compatible with the mobile phone, which gives you the ability to watch the movie, and plays the video game on a bigger screen in 4k resolution.


We also offer many different variants for USB Hub, more ports options, or styles for you to choose from. We welcome you to visit our website or store to find out more.


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