Why GaN Charger Is The Future?And Should You Get A Upgrade

Are you sick of using multiple chargers and switching between them for all of your devices and hate the fact that the giant batteries inside your phone and laptop seem to take forever to charge?

If your answer is yes, then you’re in for a treat. Say goodbye to the heavy, cumbersome charging brick and hello to the new and innovative GaN charger. Charger Powered By GaN Technology has the ability to deliver power from 65W to 130W to multiples devices at once, and also remain in a smaller size, which is perfect for travel.


What is GaN Technology? And how does it make the future of Charger possible.

As you probably know, computers today are made from silicon chips, since silicon is an abundant element and relatively easy to work with. and due to its adjustable electrical properties, It's also an excellent semiconductor.


However, in the recent discovery, gallium nitride or GaN is a better alternative to silicon When Compared to silicon. This material is better at conducting higher voltage over longer times . Electrical currents also travel faster through it, allowing for faster processing.


This better conductivity leads to higher efficiency. That's because it doesn't need as much energy to get the same output as compared to silicon transistors. It also allowed manufacturers to create chips in a denser, more compact form since less energy meant less heat. GaN chips also have higher voltage capacity and are more resistant to heat, perfect for power transfer applications.


Because there is less heat, the components of GaN chargers can be packed closer together. This means the charger can be much smaller than silicon-based chargers. So they take up less space on your desk or in your backpack


Fast Charging:

GaN chargers are not only more efficient at transferring current, but this also means less energy is lost to heat. So, more energy goes to whatever you’re trying to charge. When components are more efficient at passing energy to your devices, you generally require less of them. And when An electrical current can pass through GaN much faster than silicon, Ultimately, this means your devices will charge faster with a GaN charger than a silicon one.


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