Thick or Thin What is better for HDMI cable?

Firstly. We can not give a directly answer for this question. Because some bad businessman, they will use a thick layer to cover the copper, and make it looks thicker. In fact, what is working is the matter about the thickness of the copper cable inside. It can not see different from surface.While the performance requirements.the thickness of the inside cable of HDMI depends on what AWG you use.and how to choose, it also depends on the length of the HDMI cable in most cases.


There are many model for the cables, like 32#30#28#26#(also called:32AWG,30AWG,28AWG,26AWG)。VB.

Under 5M HD HDMI cable, we suggest you that use the standard 28AWG cable.


It is enough to meet your demand for HD horizon.Between 10-15 M should use 26AWG one.Otherwise it can not guarantee the quality of signal transmission.Over 15 meters need 24AWG wire, prevent the transmission attenuation of signal, a long HDMI line with the chip would increase the transmission distance.