How to identify a excellent headphone

An excellent headphone can’t be decided whether is good or not by the external factor. Not represented by a kind of material and structure. It is perfect match under a modern electro acoustics, materials science, ergonomics and stereo aesthetic. ——《The evaluation of the headset》

The conclusion for an excellent headphone is coming from the objective testing and subjective of listen the music. The objective testing included curve frequency response, response curve, impedance curve, square wave test, intermediation distortion and so on.

The first we need to know the headphone is the characteristic of the headphone’s sound. The advantage of the headphone is small phase distortion, wide frequency response.

The first characteristic is head shadow effect:
What acoustic environment the headphone made is the nature cannot achieve, The waves of sound Nature are interacting with a person's head and ears before enter into the ear canal.  While most record is made for sound playback, audio and video on the two speakers even wiring due to these two reasons we use headphones will feel audio-visual form in the header, listening is not natural, easy to cause fatigue. Head shadow effect can be improved through the use of special physical structure; sound field simulation software and hardware in the market.

The second characteristic is Earphone of low frequency:
Under the low frequency section (40 hz - 20 hz) and ultra-low frequency (20 hz) is through the body of perception, the human ear is not sensitive to the spectrum. Headphones can perfect the replay this low frequency, but because the body cannot feel low frequency, can let a person feel the headset of low frequency. Intermediate frequency for the headset is a sensitive area, the music of the most abundant information, is also the most sensitive to the human ear.The design of the headset to treat intermediate frequency is cautious, some low-grade headphones its frequency response range is limited, but on the mention of intermediate frequency and low get bright and sharp tone and turbidity, powerful voice, caused the appearance of high frequency is good, long time listening to the headphones, will feel dull.

Good headphones sound should have the following features:
1. Bottom and pure, without any unpleasant "slash", "om", sound.
2. Good sense of balance, tone won’t too bright or too dark, however, low frequency energy distribution uniformity, high band fusion between natural and smooth, no abrupt and burr.
3. High frequency extension is good, exquisite and smooth.
4. Low frequency pe deep, clean, full, full of elasticity and strength, no fat and slow.
5. Intermediate frequency distortion tiny, transparent and warm, human kind nature, thickness, magnetic, literally dental and twang.
6. Good resolving power, rich details, small signal can also clear replay.
7. Has a good ability of acoustic field depicting sound field is open, the instrument is accurate, and stable and sound field in enough amount of information, and you won't feel empty.
8. There was no obvious compression, dynamic has a good sense of speed, no distortion or distortion under the volume is small.

Such a headset can perfect replay any type of music, and music have good like real degree, long-term use does not cause fatigue, can make the listener immersed in music.